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An Interview With Vanda Hadarean – Olympian, Fitness Model, And Newest Girl Of Sportlab!

The decision was difficult, but in the end Vanda Hadarean came out on top and became the Sportlab Fitness Model. Learn more about her right here as she answers question about who she is.

When the war was over and when the dust settled, the stunning Vanda Hadarean emerged as the female winner. As a judge I can say that Vanda made a powerful impact on the judges the minute that she stepped on stage.

Vanda was beautiful, she had excellent conditioning and symmetry, and her stage presence was confident and strong. It was her contest to win and she knew it – so did everyone else.

I interviewed Vanda after the competition, and this is the result. Enjoy.

The Interview

[ Q ] Congratulations on your well deserved victory. Let’s start things off by telling the readers where you were born and when.


      Thank you! I was born in Cluj, Romania born on May 3, 1976. I lived in Romania for most of my life, but now I live in Ottawa, Ontario.
Vanda Hadarean

Vanda Hadarean.

[ Q ] Do you have any brothers/sisters?

A: Yes, I have a brother and a sister. My sister is older and my brother younger.

[ Q ] How tall are you, and what’s your contest and off-season weight?

A: I am 5’3″ tall. Normally I weigh around 116 lbs. For competition, I weigh around 112 lbs.

[ Q ] What is your contest history?

A: I just started competing in Fitness in May of 2005. I entered fitness and fitness modeling , and came first and third.

Then, in June, at the Fame World Championship I placed fifth in the fitness pro division and third in the modeling advanced division.

In August, I became Miss Fitness Canada by placing first in fitness. As a result of that competition I qualified forMs. Fitness World held in Las Vegas in September. I placed forth at that competition.

Then, as you know, I competed in the Sportlab model search and came first.

[ Q ] What got you started in fitness? How did you get started in athletics?

A: My friend Yvette, encouraged me to compete. If it was not for her encouragement, I would not have thought to enter this fitness field.

I have been competing in athletics all my life, since I was six years old. That’s when I started gymnastics. That escalated to competitive gymnastics for my home country of Romania, where I went on to medal in European, World, and Olympic competitions.

Vanda Hadarean, Gymnast

Vanda, As A Gymnast.

Gymnastics Competition Record.
Year Competition Rank/Team/Placing
1990 Chunichi Cup 14th AA
1991 Jr. Euros 1st AA, 1st UB, 4th FX, 6th B
1991 Worlds 3rd Team
1991 Swiss Cup 7th AA
1991 Arthur Gander Memorial 3rd AA
1992 Balkan Championships 1st Team, 3rd AA
1992 Medico Cup 3rd AA
1992 Euros 3rd AA, 4th B, 6th UB, 7th FX
1992 Olympics 2nd Team
1993 American Cup 6th AA
1993 International Mixed Pairs 10th AA
1993 Swiss Cup 14th AA
1993 Arthur Gander Memorial 7th AA

[ Q ] What keeps you motivated to keep training hard and eating right?

A: Firstly, I like the fact that I am a competitive athlete again. Also, I like to stay healthy all year long. And, finally, the next competition gives me a goal to shoot for.

[ Q ] What does your supplementation plan look like during the year, and also before you go into a show?

A: Along with a healthy meal plan, I take  vitamins and minerals . I also like protein shakes sometimes. Nothing really changes for me as I go into a show; I try and maintain the same healthy habits throughout the year.

[ Q ] What kind of training routine do you follow?

A: I mostly go to the gym in the mornings. Doing the normal things such as, cardio , weights, and stretching . As I approach a competition, I will also practice my routine which is a great workout in itself.

Source:  Bodybuilding.


Interview with Oana Dragulescu World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Champion

With around 87.000 people following her, 29 year old Romanian beauty Oana Dragulescu (oana_dragulescu) is a real Instagram sensation. But her success story is not a coincidence. As you can tell from her daily uploads, the fitness model has worked hard on her success to shape her body and her career path. If you’re curious about weight training, dieting, common mistakes in the gym and more, check out the interview below!


PerfectRun:  Can you give as an overview of your typical training week?

Oana Dragulescu: I train 6 days per week.  I do fasted cardio in the morning on empty stomach, and in the afternoon I do the weights training. Each training is different, I change all the time the technique, the angle, the weight and I split my leg training in 2 sessions.

result (10)

PerfectRun: How many hours do you spend at the gym?

Oana Dragulescu: Usually my training is between 1.30 – 2 hours.

PerfectRun: Do you make more than one training/day?

Oana Dragulescu: Yes, how I said before, I do my cardio in the morning and my regular training on muscle groups, later, especially during the prep for competition.

result (2)

PerfectRun: How much and what types of cardio do you do?

Oana Dragulescu: I do the regular treadmill, stepper etc… And the time and intensity depends on my goals, if I want to get more ripped or I need to conserve more muscle.


PerfectRun: What are your current measurements? (height/weight)
Oana Dragulescu: Now I’m off season and I’m 168cm and 55kg.

result (8)

PerfectRun: How many meals you have daily?
Oana Dragulescu: I have 4-5 meals per day.


PerfectRun: How do you prepare your meals? Do you cook daily or cook for the week?
Oana Dragulescu: I use to cook in the evening the meals for the next day.
PerfectRun: Are you a believer in supplements? What do you use, and what results have these given you?

Oana Dragulescu: Yes, I do believe in supplements, I take Whey protein, BCCA’s, fat burners when is necessary and vitamins. It makes me recover faster and give me strength and energy during the training.

result (6)

PerfectRun: What is your greatest achievement? (contests and prizes you won)
Oana Dragulescu: I’m 3 times pro with 3 different federations, but the most important achievement is my Pro Card on my last contest World Beauty Fitness & Fashion London May 2016.


PerfectRun: What are the 3 tips you would give to any woman wanting to look just like you?

Oana Dragulescu: First of all: be patient. The muscle needs time to grow.  Train and eat smart, drink a lot of water and don’t forget that the rest is very important in your journey!

Interview: Anca Surdu, double World and European aerobics champion

At 24 years, gymnast Anca Surdu has an impressive record list. She brought to Romania many medals from the European and World Gymnastics Championships and she is a top trainer. We wanted to find out more about her and about the sport she is practicing with so much passion. This is what Anca told us!

PerfectRun: Tell me more about the sport you are practicing. How did you get to do aerobic gymnastics and what is your greatest achievement?

Anca Surdu: I first entered in a gym at age four. I had a lot of energy and my parents agreed that I should wisely consume it. At the age of 14 I have discovered aerobics and I fell in love at the first sight about the way that difficult exercises where combined, the grace of movement and the music. That is why I had a pretty fast ascending. After less than a year, I joined the junior national team, in which with the help of Coach Cristina Spanu, I won many medals for both European and World Championships.  The real challenge was when I turned 18 and I went to senior national team, coordinated by Coach Maria Fumea. It followed the most beautiful but also the most difficult period of my career as a gymnast. I added to my record medals after medals and the last competition was the peak point of my career as a gymnast. With two gold medals and a silver one at the World Championship, after years of work, I can say with pride that that I fulfilled my dream.


PerfectRun: Which is the moment, from your entire athletic activity, that you will never forget?

Anca Surdu: I will never ever forget any moments from my entire career as a gymnast. Some of them I will remember with more joy. It’s natural to keep the happiest moments as vivid as possible. I gladly remember those times when I was jumping of joy and I was screaming with my eyes full of tears when I saw the ranking for the World Championship. It was crazy! For sure I will never forget that time when I had three training sessions daily, when I was competing under awful pain when the treatment stopped working or when I was losing a medal right above the line. I keep them all in my soul, and aerobics and all the experiences I had as an athlete made me overcome easier life challenges.


PerfectRun: What sports means to you?

Anca Surdu: Everything! I can’t see myself doing something else. I am very active and I like to move all the time


PerfectRun: Referring to nutrition,  How your day looks like?

Anca Surdu: Before training I try to have the breakfast. I usually have boiled eggs or fried eggs 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I will add more egg whites, yogurt and a little slice of whole bread or yogurt with cereals. At lunch I try to eat proteins: chicken breast whith rice and vegetables. After workout I drink a protein shake and at the dinner I will have something light. As I am trying to maintain my weight and I want to benefit of an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals I do not have any food restriction


PerfectRun: Please give us an example of healthy menu, suitable for weight loss.

Anca Surdu:

Breakfast: Egg avocado baked in the oven

Snack: Protein shake

Lunch: Turkey breast with roasted zucchini

Snack: A sliced half apple with peanut butter

Dinner: Trout with herbs and baked vegetables


PerfectRun: Do you use any supplements?

Anca Surdu: Yes. Protein powder is mandatory and it helps me very much at my muscle recovery. Also I take many other supplements, vitamins and minerals in the preparing and racing periods.


PerfectRun: Can you share with as a healthy cooking recipe whit less calories?

Anca Surdu: There are too many! If we would be more careful when cooking and replace some of the unhealthy ingredients the recipe will be much healthier. Pancakes for example! I adore them! That is why I have changed the classic recipe with one much healthier with only two ingredients: a banana and two eggs. You must try it!


“It’s hard to get rid of cellulite, but not impossible. It is best to prevent than to treat. Young girls should play sports. You can reduce cellulite by using special treatments and regular exercises. “


PerfectRun: What we have to do to have abs like yours?

Anca Surdu: Crunches are not enough. It is also about your body structure. Is important to know that workout should be a mix between cardio and conditioning exercises, meaning that we try to lose the fat tissue, tone up and develop hidden muscles in the same time. Interval training like HIIT are a great choice. We shouldn’t neglect diet. If your goal is to have a six-pack, remove from your diet everything that is fried, fast food, sweets, processed foods and consume more fiber, protein, vegetables and foods closer to their natural state, drink plenty of water and stay motivated!


PerfectRun: When a client tells you that he wants to lose “x” kilos, what advice do you give him?

Anca Surdu: First of all we talk particularly about his eating habits and about his lifestyle. We see what is good and bad for him and after that we make a session for measurements to see where we stand, we set the goals and make the plan to know what we have to do.

The change comes from the inside, and I am there to keep him motivated, but you need self-discipline and determination to reach your goal.


PerfectRun: What are your future plans?

 Anca Surdu:  As an athlete, my next goal is to win three medals at the World Championship that is this month in Korea. On a long term, I am planning to enjoy everything life is giving me, to keep developing myself, stay healthy and I hope to motivate other people to do the same!

PerfectRun: A thought for our readers?

Anca Surdu: Everything is a choice. Instead of looking for excuses, you should decide to have a body and a life as you want to.


Anca Surdu:

I am … Pisces … read thoughts.

I relax when …..I am in the nature, close to loved ones.

My favorite athlete is … I don’t have a favorite athlete. I have never thought “I want to be like …” But I believe in the power of example and I get inspired by what I consider beautiful.

Training favorite song is … definitely rhythmic.

Favorite food is … I can’t make a ranking. I am  greedy … I like to eat a little of everything.

Running inspiration: interview with Bella Elizabeth

There are many fantastic runners on Instagram worth a follow and Bella Elizabeth (bellaruns) is one of them.

Bella shares awesome photos from her day to day runs, her meals and her cute little dog Potato. She is 24 years old, she lives in Brisbane Australia and she loves running. She is a great inspiration for us and we wanted to find out some of her running secrets to make you start your running journey.



PerfectRun: When did you start running and why? 
Bella Elizabeth: I started running on and off almost 5 years ago, but never stuck with it! I tried (and failed) to complete the couch to 5K program several times before I finally succeeded; I’ve been running consistently now for about a year and a half.


PerfectRun:  What is the best thing about running? 
Bella Elizabeth: The progress & improvement you make is obvious and measurable! When I look back to when I first started, I couldn’t run for longer than two minutes at a time – but month after month it’s easy to see the increases you’ve made.


PerfectRun:  Do you ever run to music? 
Bella Elizabeth: I used to, however I’ve shifted to Audio books now. I just finished the Harry Potter series, and am currently listening to the Game of Thrones audio books.


PerfectRun:  When do you prefer to run? (morning, afternoon or evening) Why? 
Bella Elizabeth: Morning and evenings; I prefer the cooler weather. Mid-afternoon’s can get very hot here, so I try and avoid the middle of the day as much as possible.


PerfectRun:  What’s the furthest you’ve ever run? 
Bella Elizabeth: The furthest I’ve ever run is 21.1KM.

PerfectRun:  What’s your greatest running achievement?
Bella Elizabeth: My greatest achievement would definitely be completing my first half-marathon last year! It was such a big accomplishment going from struggling to run a mile without doubling over to running 13.1 miles continuously!


PerfectRun:  Do you ever run barefoot? 
Bella Elizabeth: No, I have never tried barefoot running – I am quite partial to my shoes!

PerfectRun:  Do you have a favorite running athlete? 
Bella Elizabeth: Kara Goucher – she’s such an inspiring female distance runner.



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