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1 July 2016

Interview with Oana Dragulescu World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Champion


With around 87.000 people following her, 29 year old Romanian beauty Oana Dragulescu (oana_dragulescu) is a real Instagram sensation. But her success story is not a coincidence. As you can tell from her daily uploads, the fitness model has worked hard on her success to shape her body and her career path. If you’re curious about weight training, dieting, common mistakes in the gym and more, check out the interview below!


PerfectRun:  Can you give as an overview of your typical training week?

Oana Dragulescu: I train 6 days per week.  I do fasted cardio in the morning on empty stomach, and in the afternoon I do the weights training. Each training is different, I change all the time the technique, the angle, the weight and I split my leg training in 2 sessions.

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PerfectRun: How many hours do you spend at the gym?

Oana Dragulescu: Usually my training is between 1.30 – 2 hours.

PerfectRun: Do you make more than one training/day?

Oana Dragulescu: Yes, how I said before, I do my cardio in the morning and my regular training on muscle groups, later, especially during the prep for competition.

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PerfectRun: How much and what types of cardio do you do?

Oana Dragulescu: I do the regular treadmill, stepper etc… And the time and intensity depends on my goals, if I want to get more ripped or I need to conserve more muscle.


PerfectRun: What are your current measurements? (height/weight)
Oana Dragulescu: Now I’m off season and I’m 168cm and 55kg.

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PerfectRun: How many meals you have daily?
Oana Dragulescu: I have 4-5 meals per day.


PerfectRun: How do you prepare your meals? Do you cook daily or cook for the week?
Oana Dragulescu: I use to cook in the evening the meals for the next day.
PerfectRun: Are you a believer in supplements? What do you use, and what results have these given you?

Oana Dragulescu: Yes, I do believe in supplements, I take Whey protein, BCCA’s, fat burners when is necessary and vitamins. It makes me recover faster and give me strength and energy during the training.

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PerfectRun: What is your greatest achievement? (contests and prizes you won)
Oana Dragulescu: I’m 3 times pro with 3 different federations, but the most important achievement is my Pro Card on my last contest World Beauty Fitness & Fashion London May 2016.


PerfectRun: What are the 3 tips you would give to any woman wanting to look just like you?

Oana Dragulescu: First of all: be patient. The muscle needs time to grow.  Train and eat smart, drink a lot of water and don’t forget that the rest is very important in your journey!


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