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5 Ways to Get More Exercise – Without Really Trying


1. Get a Pull-Up Bar

Now, before you hit that little X to get off of this webpage ASAP, hear me out!!

Pull-up bars are not just for bodybuilders or CrossFitters. No, no, no! You absolutely need to have one in your home, too.

Let me tell you, if you slump at a desk all day long, like I do waaay too much, you reallyshould be doing pull-ups.

Pull-ups help to counteract that computer-hunch, they improve the health of your back, they build your arm strength, they work your core muscles better than crunches, and on and on. They are awesome!

And before you tell me how you could NEVER pull yourself up, I was the same. I could barely do one pull-up in the beginning, but it’s amazing how doing them consistently builds your strength.

So, how can you increase physical activity — without really trying?
Start out by doing one or two reps each time you pass your pull-up bar throughout the day.

If you can’t do one pull-up, you can jump up into position, then lower yourself as slowly as you can, and you will get there eventually.

We have one like this pull-up bar in our home, and it’s great… these don’t damage your doorframe to install, and they can be removed in a flash when you have guests coming over ?

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2. Squat For 10 Minutes

As you probably know, in many countries the deep squat is just part of their everyday life. Most Westerners however, haven’t done even one single squat in years.

But, we should be.

Physical therapists say we should be able to hold the squat position for 10 whole minutes. For most of us that is crazy talk! But, we can accumulate those 10 minutes one minute at a time.

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3. Get a Kettlebell

If you’re on my weight loss program, you will know how much I love my kettlebell.

4. Stand Up More

Sitting down constricts your circulation, slows your metabolism, and switches off your muscles. Even if you do one hour of exercise every single day, it still couldn’t make up for the dozens of hours you spend sitting down.

But, the solution is really very simple, just stand up!

5. Change Your Attitude

In our modern world we tend to think that saving effort is always better. But, that is not the case when it comes to physical activity.

The truth is, we do need to put in some effort, but we need to stop thinking of exercise as something that requires a change of clothes and a warm-up.

Get it into your head that you just need to move a bit more every single day and you will soon be getting more exercise without really trying.

These are just a few simple tricks you can add into your daily life, that will have you in better shape in no time. And, no changing rooms required, that’s the best part!

Source: Diet Rebel.

It is hands down the best piece of equipment I own. In fact, it was the only piece of equipment I actually shipped across from the UK to Canada.

It will revolutionize your workout… I know that sounds O.T.T., but I am totally serious!

So, how can you increase physical activity — without really trying?
The kettlebell is great for doing full workouts, but what I love about it most is that you can pick it up anytime and just give your heart rate a little boost.

Ours sits in our basement living room, so that it can be picked up and used anytime of the day. I love that, because it doesn’t require any effort whatsoever to get organized to “workout.”

Source: Diet Rebel.



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